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Signature Title & Settlement


When will I get paid?

We make every effort to pay all the parties involved quickly, oftentimes the same day the transaction closes and the documents are recorded. However, this can vary based on the day or time of day the closing occurs. Funds cannot be disbursed until the new deed and mortgage are recorded with the Clerk’s office, therefore, if a closing occurs towards the end of the day or on a Friday evening, it is likely the new deed will not be recorded until the following business day. This in turn delays the disbursements to those parties involved in the transaction i.e. seller proceeds, commissions, payoffs and other vendor payments.

That said, Signature Title & Settlement, makes every effort to record and disburse funds the same day of the transaction if the closing occurs before 2 p.m.

If you are owed net proceeds from the sale of a house, or a commission as Realtor, you can usually expect a check to be cut the same or next business day.

If you would like to receive the funds very quickly, it might be a good idea to select a Monday-Thursday closing date. This way you should not have to wait until the following week if banks or offices are closed. Signature Title & Settlement does not wire or overnight commission proceeds!

What is Title Insurance?
Title Insurance protects you from losses that occur from various matters affecting the title to land or real property. There are two basic types of policies: Owner's policies to protect the owner and Lender policies to protect the bank's mortgage.
I paid for a title search- why do I also need to buy title insurance?
A title policy insures against many defects which could not be discovered in a title search, as well as insuring against errors made in the title search itself. Even if an error is made in a search, by the time it is discovered, any recourse against the searcher may be barred by the statute of limitations.
Is Owner's Coverage expensive?
No. A one-time premium covers you throughout your ownership and after. When you are already paying for a loan policy, the additional cost for an Owner’s policy is usually minimal.
If the bank requires a Loan policy, why do I need an Owner's policy?
The bank’s policy only protects its interests. You, the homeowner, may be liable for title defects even though the bank is insured.
How much will I need for closing costs?
This all depends on the amount of your loan. Closing costs can include your down payment, prepaid escrow amounts for taxes and insurance, settlement fees, title insurance premiums, recording fees and taxes and any other charges associated with the financing of your loan. At Signature Title & Settlement, we promise to offer fair and competitive settlement fees that pertain only to the services we have offered and nothing more. When you close with us, you do not have to be concerned about inflated or hidden fees.

Want to know what your insurance premium are going to be? Use our Fidelity Insurance Rate Calculator to estimate your insurance premiums now.

What do I bring to closing?
For any closing, seller or buyer, you will need to bring a valid ID which can be a driver’s license or a passport. If you are the purchaser on a home, you may be required to bring a certified cashier’s check to cover closing costs. By law, all closing costs must be disclosed to you prior to settlement. Signature Title and Settlement will accept a personal check up to $500.
Can I wire my funds for closing?
If funds are to be wired, contact Signature Title & Settlement for wiring instructions. Wire transfers must be initiated 24 hours prior to closing. Please keep in mind phishers and hackers are a threat to real estate transactions. Be suspicious of any emails you receive from your agent, lender or title agent with last-minute changes or hurry-up requests that demand you click on a link or wire money. Never respond to suspicious emails. Pick up the phone and call your service provider to verify all questionable requests.

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