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Why Title Insurance?

Don’t overlook the single most important step in the entire process – the purchase of Owner’s Title Insurance on your wonderful new home! It’s so important that lenders require you to purchase a policy for their protection. But, that does not protect you! You deserve that protection also. Protect yourself against hidden risks that could affect the title to your property.

What is Title Insurance?

Title is the legal right that a person has to the ownership and possession of their home and land. It is possible that someone other than the seller could have a prior legal right to the property you are buying. A Homeowner’s Policy of Title Insurance is designed to protect you from covered title discrepancies arising prior to – or after your purchase of the property, for as long as you and/or your heirs own the property.

Get The Right Title Insurance For You

You are required to purchase a Lender’s Title Insurance policy to protect your mortgage provider. This ensures your mortgage provider has a valid, enforceable lien on your property. The Homeowner’s Policy of Title Insurance is designed to protect YOU from covered title discrepancies occurring prior to or during your ownership of your home. You and your heirs will be protected from any unforeseen, covered discrepancies, with this one-time purchase. Don’t take chances with the one of the single largest investment you can ever make.

Protecting your Investment (examples include)*

  • Zoning Violations
  • A Defective Title
  • Subdivision Law Violations
  • Someone claiming rights affecting your title
  • Building Permit Violations
  • Someone having the right to limit your use of your land
  • Damage to your house caused by someone with easement rights
  • Improvements that encroach into an easement
  • Covenants, conditions, and restrictions
  • Clerical errors in recording legal documents

*Some coverages are subject to deductibles and liability caps.

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